Trade Union Representatives selected by the Workers Board – announce that after talks with Government Representatives that a new policy is underway to create jobs, more opportunities, new houses, increase welfare payments, pensions and provide a decent education.

To fund this policy, the NRLG raises taxation by 2 pence to support jobs and build affordable housing.

The Trade Unions make it clear that the wealth earned by Business Owners must be distributed to the poor and needy. They promote the idea that Business Owners MUST not treat Nicky and Boris like plebs. However, an argument breaks out and a new policy is announced.

“that Bosses and workers and the unemployed will receive the same level of wage every week. Any surplus cash will be taxed and used by the NRLG to find social causes and re-education schemes”.

The Trade Unions note that Nicky’s father was once a prominent trade unionist who led his members on a 2-year strike against an uncaring Fascist factory owner.

The strike ended when the Chinese bought the factory, disassembled the plant and moved production to China. Every man on strike lost not only his job but their pensions and homes.

The TUs continued to deny they were at fault for keeping the men out on strike. All they wanted for their members was a 50% pay rise with an extra 3 days of holidays and a reduction in production to be used for downtime.

In an interview with the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) Newspaper titled ‘The Workers Daily Grind United’ a committed volunteer to the NRLP cause and an ardent class warrior who has never worked questions the need for a trade skill when there were more natural ways to earn money such as a pavement artist, travelling in a beat-up Kombi, growing their own vegetables and just having children, while smoking weed and other recreational drugs while sleeping under the stars.

The Trade Unions and JCN announce any person who thinks the same way will be eligible for welfare while seeking work more in tune with their unique skills and their way of thinking.

The NRLG government announces 5 pence rise in taxation to fund a new welfare fund titled ‘The Natural Work Seekers Welfare Benefit’ and a raft of measures to examine how ‘experts’ (former Trade Unionists) can help people find a natural role suited to their talents.

Within weeks Over a million-professional people resign from their jobs to join the scheme telling journalists that they no longer wish to pay taxes and want a handout for doing nothing,