When a freelance photographer captures the reality of Nicky and Boris’s squalor and sells the photos to the Daily Mail, there is an outcry and with headlines appearing in the Daily Mirror that the Daily Mail has distorted the truth. To clarify the truth the NRLP create a set of policies that bear consequences for any right wing and Liberal writers who do not support the aims and objectives of the SRoB.

The NRLG politburo is outraged that the Fascist Daily Mail is picking on Mickey and Boris. They call on their members to rise from their slumbers, to rally against the Daily Mail and other Conservative publications that print distortions of the truth.

As demonstrators gather, the newly formed ‘Council of Class War‘ (CoCW) demand an end to the written lies of the former Fascist State and it members and voters.

The CoCW urge the NRLG to ban a free press along with free speech because both are considered unsustainable in a Socialist paradise where printing of News that criticises the Government is not the done thing. It is also unsettling to the natives to see their belief in Socialism is under attack by illiterate Fascists who have no idea or concept of how brilliant Socialism is under the NRLP

Days later the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Star, The Times, Financial Times and the Daily Telegraph plus all Sunday newspaper offices are closed down, and their building converted to re-education centres for Supporters of Fascism.

The NRLP in consultation with representatives of the newly Formed CoCW place all Conservative and non-left wing Liberals journalists into re-education centres and those from abroad who cannot report that the SRoB is a fully integrated equal opportunities country are deported to prevent scurrilous lies from damaging the reputation of the ~UK.

The Daily Mirror becomes the State newspaper for propaganda and spins while ‘The Guardian’ promotes a radical equality system and suggests ideas that will build a Better Britain.  The most popular article published suggests that for the workers of Britain to succeed they must control all enterprises and in doing so control the means of production to create wealth for distribution throughout the country.

‘The Socialist Worker’ promotes the revolutionary cause with articles that bestow the need for constant revolution and awareness of the need to share and help potential fascist from walking off the narrow path of Socialism.

‘The Morning Star’ promotes Britain as an advanced egalitarian society abroad, where opportunity and goodwill exist. They publish numerous articles describing how Europe and the USA have become failed states while Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and the former USSR are (were) beacons in the worker’s struggle for their rights and emancipation.

Under the control of the newly established Politburos Listeners Bureau and worker councils who control the news, all Radio stations are ordered to play the RED Flag every morning, afternoon and evening. The NRLP Media committee creates a new policy that any person interviewed on Radio must support the aims of the revolution and any guest speaker must be willing and able to speak on the progress the SRoB has made under the Prime Minister Jerry Nob.