Office Bullies along with power-mad zealot and the outright prat will no doubt feature in our working lives. They form the mix of life experiences and situations. Some are memorable and some we would rather forget; sometimes due to stressful environments, we leave the company to get away from people with whom we can not work.

You know something is not right when:

  • When you wake up every morning thinking of an excuse NOT to go to work
  • the boss goes on holiday for two weeks, and there is a collective sigh of relief from all
  • when you end up ill with stress and find no one is listening to what you have to say.

As for the bully, how do they see themselves? Are they aware of their actions and how much stress they are causing within the office?

While I have been the victim of bullying more than once, I have seen bullies intimidating their colleagues, even when they are nothing more than a departmental assistant.

I have seen bullies who are aggressive and are in a position to do what they want knowing that any comeback may be limited or not at all.

Those who have two sides to their personality:

  • the charmer – agreeable to those they like and want to impress, and
  • an outright aggressor to those they dislike.