We all have a personal view, and if we take the time, we can see how life has shaped our values, opinions, our political beliefs and any religious commitments we hold close to our hearts.

In my 50 plus years on this earth, I have seen many changes that are happening more frequently than we can keep up. In fact, I can only guess that in the future there will be developments in technology that many of us cannot at this time, even perceive. I am in no doubt astronauts will reach Mars, Warp speed will be possible as we search for new civilisations.

Technology has brought new toys such as the mobile phone, smart technology with Artificial Intelligence and as I know very well the transition of the old clacket clack camera to the smooth DSLR’s we have today. You can take a million photos because we have the means to store our efforts on our PCs, which like Mobile technology has advanced rapidly, and let’s not forget the Internet.

Of course, not everything which technology has delivered is positive. Social Media has gripped the world, and in doing so, it is bringing to our attention the personal opinions of some which can be damaging. Click on the link to discover some of mine. You might find yourself agreeing with the content and the meaning.