Quotes, there are so many which provide a message that pricks our conscience as we then rush forward to complete a task. A task I have done repeatedly and have yet to achieve a solution and deliver the results. I think we can describe my efforts as such: I have tried and failed, but in doing so, I have discovered how not to find the solution, so at some point, I will find the correct way.

It could be akin to the mathematical formula. The mathematician spends ages on the formula eventually¬†finding the answer after weeks of trying. You cannot give in without breaking a few shells. If you were to give up within the first few minutes the chances are you are a person who is unlikely to succeed. But the person who finds the answer could be the leader, the head honcho who calls the shots while you sit and gripe and moan you knew the answer all the time but couldn’t be bothered to get it out there. What a LIAR!

IN case you are wondering I have met many such people who become jealous of the success of others simply because they cannot make the effort.