Politics | Writer201 | How about Anarchism

Many people are dissatisfied with the outcome of General Elections and have no regard for the political party who wins. I’m sure many have a vision of an alternative lifestyle and the dream where we are all happy, satisfied and no one has any power over another. Let me suggest that we consider some anarchism.

As a social movement, it has many associations from communists to capitalists. It is not a political theory given to a specific political ideal.  It can be applied in various forms across the political spectrum. Anarchists were active in

  • labour movements
  • civil rights
  • women’s liberation
  • both anti-capitalism and pro-capitalism (with varying definitions of capitalism)
  • both anti-globalisation and pro-globalisation (with differing interpretations of globalisation), and
  • finally yet importantly tax resistance.

Anarchism is a political theory, which has never had the opportunity to prove itself to the point where people say WOW anarchism works let’s go for it. Therefore, if you are adventurous what do you have to lose. Are you up for a real change in politics, the way you conduct your life amongst other’s as you strive for a new order.

You can do the following:

  • abolish ‘elf and safety
  • get rid of the nanny state
  • can make the rules unless of course, you choose individualistic anarchism
  • define law and order
  • the way commerce operates
  • define new regulations around the exchange and production of goods.
  • decide education policy
  • set levels of taxation suitable to your pocket.

Collectively in your little Anarchist state with like-minded people, you can deliver the way of life you always wanted.

Consider your politics and beliefs, and how they can be incorporated into your style of Anarchism. It just needs someone to grasp the nettle and vote to rid the country of democratic Government.

Why choose Anarchism over the democratic government? There’s an easy answer to that one. Anarchists argue that the primary cause of people’s misery throughout history is a lousy government. They don’t rule for the majority. Do governments ever represent people as a whole while suppressing the wishes of the majority to retain control.

If a government is the cause of our problems would it not make sense to rid ourselves of such an institution and look after our own needs? In case you think that chaos will become the order of the day, bear in mind that the definition of Anarchism is opposition to the government, not order or society.  As Pierre Prudhon wrote: “Liberty is the Mother, not the Daughter of Order” Why do Anarchists demand the abolition of the state? In their minds, they can offer something better. They have no desire to pursue violent disorder.

What does Anarchism mean?

Anarchy does not mean an absence of social organisation. Anarchy indicates the lack of state control and coercion. Let us consider the Anarcho-syndicalism theory. Humans to survive must work. The workplace is the primary governing unit of society. Everyone must work bar those who are disabled and unable to do so. Therefore, the anarchist organisation must decide how to manage welfare requirements. That includes Socal Care for the elderly, Medical needs and social justice. If you are capable of working but refuse to work what happens? That depends on the democratic rules of the organisation.  By not working you could be faced with the prospect of no shelter and no food. It may sound less than humane. The point is – your skills benefit the syndicate or commune. You are helping it to achieve its aims and objectives. The above may hold appeal to those who are continually calling time on welfare scroungers.

So, are starting to think like an anarchist? Remember that by abolishing government you have something better to offer people. That does not include rebellion but order.  The workers organise the workplace and democratically choose the best way to distribute the fruits of their labour. Therefore, you achieve a participatory government. You can also decide issues of Justice using the same essential organisation within the community.

So where are you now? Are you rushing to spread the word about a new order? We may dream and think of beautiful ways to see something better for ourselves. So many times I have heard the old clichéd political arguments by people trying to find an answer. “Until we find a political system to be truly representative then we need to stick with what we have.”

What is the truth? Do you have the desire to change old values for new and seek a radical overhaul of society? The disruption would be too much, and there are always those who will misinterpret Anarchism. No rulers, no rules, therefore chaos. The Sex Pistols sang about “Anarchy in the UK” way back in 1977. As punk philosophy was to change the world and the way we live the song was about violence as a means to achieve Anarchism.