Heavenly Electioneering

A crowd of socialist millennials are travelling to London on a train to attend a political rally to support their messiah JC. They sing a song that hails their future leader in the up and coming general election, Ohh ahh JC. WHOO JC we going to make you a leader on the morrow and create a heaven on earth for the many, not the few.

A coachload of millennial Conservative is travelling to London to support Boris. On the way they discuss who will be the next conservative cabinet in government.

The millennial Liberals travel in a 12 seater minibus discussing Europe, its advantages and how we can become one country with Europe and no borders.

The greens take to their bicycles and huff and puff their way to London to support their leader.

In a quirk of fate, the greens on their bikes arrive at a level crossing just as the train, the coach and minibus collide on that level crossing. A colossal explosion kills all the millennials. As they rise to the gates of St Peter pushing, shoving and arguing St Peter looks upon them.

St Peter asks who will speak first? The Socialist millennials shout out that they should be first as they are caring socialists who always help their fellow persons. The Tory millennials are toffs and rob from the poor to pay the rich and kick the poor and minorities into the dust. They are mean, nasty people and the Greens keep taking our policies. What about us ask the Liberals? Both the Tory and Socialist millennials agree the Liberals don’t know what they represent; they should choose either left or right. But the Liberals stick together if only to show there is unity in strength.

St Peter listens before announcing that ‘we have an offer for you. You all have the choice of sampling four heavenly quarters, all paradises designed to make the afterlife easy and rewarding after your trials and tribulations on earth.

“You can have a taster of all four before deciding where you want to be for all eternity. Once you make that decision, you cannot change your mind.”

So they all jump in the lift and go down to the first Heavenly Quarter.

When the lift doors open, a charming lady named Lucy greets them and takes them on a tour. The Socialist Millenials see coal mines, steel making plants, and shipbuilding yards. All the retails outlets are co-operatives as are the banks all owned by the workers. The Trade Unions ensure fair pay and the level of taxation at 60% provides a well funded Health Service and excellent education. Everyone has a house with a huge TV, powerful internet and Lucy has abolished greed.

After completing the tour, they all get back in the lift and ascend to the second heavenly quarter.

Stopheles, a relation to Lucy greets them for the tour.  The Liberal Millenials are in thrall as all the member states of the European Union have given all democratic and judicial rights to a centralised parliament located in Brussels; it comes with a single foreign and defence policy. People are wandering about in a dignified environment from one member state to another without hindrance, and it is a model of a real progressive society.  

Back in the lift, they go to the third heavenly quarter, where Nick hails their arrival. There is gentle harmonious music, lots of fluffy clouds; houses and jobs. The education focusses on self-help. leadership and confidence to enable their progress. The residents have created businesses and make loads of money in a low tax economy with no NHS, no welfare provision. To settle in the UK, applicants must satisfy a point-based system. There is no interference from the European Union, and the UK has trade deals with every country in the world. It enthrals the Tory Millennials.

The lift stops at the fourth Heavenly quarter, and a charming chap named Lived meets the Millenials. All you can see for miles is green grass, mountains topped with snow and sunshine. The people have abolished Nuclear power, and wind, solar and tidal energy provides all the energy needed. All the cars are electric, and bicycles are everywhere.  Farmers grow crops and vegetable farms and have forsaken cows and sheep — the greens like what they see.

They all return to the pearly gates, and St Peter asks the three millennial groups for their decisions.

The Socialist opt for the first quarter

The Liberals opt for the second quarter

The Conservatives opt for the third quarter

The Greens opt for the fourth quarter

St Peter directs the Millenials to four lifts with the message. Please remember, now you have voted you cannot change your decision and ask for a rerun.

They all clamour into the lifts and head to their chosen destination.

When the doors open all has changed.  

They stare aghast at a grey landscape where people wander around with their heads in their hands screaming. The world has ended, and taskmasters have taken over. Their job is to herd the newly arrived dead into cattle trucks to visit the great pit of lost humanity — the only stop.

What has happened, why has everything changed. It wasn’t like this yesterday.

Simultaneously, their hosts announce to their audience. Yesterday we were campaigning. Today you voted, and this is the reality

Where is Labour Going?

Before I begin, just a little about my origins. I was born into a working-class family in County Durham North. All my male relatives, past and present had worked either down the mines or worked for a company that had a connection to the mines. At the age of fifteen, my father began an engineering apprenticeship. His job was to visit the many coalfields to maintain the machinery that dug out the coal.

Labour in the 60s and 70s

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I socialised with people who were members of Militant and other left-wing organisations. Their mission was to infiltrate the labour party and turn it into a real socialist party and dump the MPs who sat on the right of the Labour party. What they never explained was why they did not form their own Socialist Party and name it thus with their distinctive socialist manifesto.

Gradually my days of promoting my radical communist manifesto ended, and I drifted. As a historian by degree, I am well acquainted with the theories of Marx and Engels, the Communist Manifesto. I am well acquainted with the doctrines of Fascism, National Socialism, totalitarianism, liberalism and Conservatism.

However, to those on the left, anything right of radical socialism is viewed as fascist. However, my very working class Grandmother viewed Labour MPs as communists. I will quickly add that she did not like my communist principles. So, we have – Fascist and Communist – two easy words to use to smear people whose politics you don’t like.

What could Labour cost us?

During the last General Election Labour made many promises (Student debt being one). IN short more money for the NHS, Police, public transport, welfare. Be in no doubt Labour will offer much as a General election approaches.

We all know that Labour plans to nationalise the utilities, the railways (can’t say that worries me too much), the post office. Other possibilities for nationalisation could be the telecoms industry and the construction industry. It won’t surprise me if Arthur Scargill makes a bid to reopen the coal mines.

Margaret Thatcher

On her election in 1979, Thatcher decided that the taxpayer was no longer going to prop up inefficient state-run industries. The Tories based that decision on the fact that many of the State-Owned sectors collectively needed millions of pounds in investments to upgrade their infrastructure. Thatcher was adamant that the taxpayers were not going to be responsible for their upgrades. Therefore, a policy of denationalisation followed – selling the industries off to investors and the public who would be responsible for financing the enhancements to the infrastructure with private money, saving the UK taxpayer millions.


What will happen if JC and his chancellor do nationalise the industries as mentioned above?

Of course, the Labour government could seize the companies to save the taxpayer and exchequer millions of pounds. However, such a seizure will no doubt create a wealth of legal cases from investors costing the government millions in legal fees defending their position (with taxpayers money). Before handing over control to a Labour Government they will want compensation, the market value of the companies which could run into billions.

What could the scenario be if a labour government nationalised the Utilities to cut gas, electricity and water bills for everyone? The point of nationalisation would be to lower prices. The Labour Government honour their manifesto pledges sell the energy for less than they paid for it. The only people to benefit will be non-taxpayers as the rest of us will pay through taxation and our bank accounts.

Should the utility companies see their profits wiped out, the government will have no option but to use taxpayers cash to upgrade the infrastructures, that ensure the efficient and timely delivery of the energy we use? Failure to improve and modernise means that year-on-year the companies will consume more taxpayers cash to keep supplying power as they fall further behind risking blackouts and poor delivery of gas and water.


A government can only tax people so far. JC and McDonnell have made it clear that they will tax the rich to pay for their fair share. My bet is many high earners will migrate overseas to avoid paying vast sums in taxation. If so, Labour could be forced into lowering its sights to the middle classes with tax rises and at some point increase taxation on the lowest paid in UK society to fund the government’s manifesto.

Taxation under the Wilson/Callaghan government for the rich peaked at 80% on earnings and 98% on investment income. The Labour chancellor, Dennis Healey said they would squeeze the rich until their pips squeaked. The year before he threatened Property speculators with high taxes. Even the working classes like me back in the 70s lost more than a third of our wages in taxation. It is worth reading a BBC interview with Denis Healy, the Labour Chancellor back in the 1970s and the problems with High Taxation. Denis Healey: Labour’s survivor of an economic disaster

And finally, (take a deep breath), JC has supported terrorist groups from Hamas to the IRA and has a dislike for our armed forces past and present. Some of his MPs have alleged he will not take national security seriously and indeed could place the safety of the UK at risk. He could disarm us and sell us out.